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Introducing The Practice Freedom Method– Success Secrets for Working Less and Earning More – the practice growth and management formula they never taught you in school…

The easiest way to attract high quality patients or clients to your practice
The most effective way to find and hire “A” players for your team — and how to manage them for maximum success and profitable productivity
Automation and time management formulas that will give you more free time and maximize profitability — you’ve GOT to see this!

The proven, duplicable formula has quickly gained a following around the country and generated MILLIONS of dollars in increased billings and profits in practices just like yours. Practice owners are finally experiencing the peace of mind that comes from having a REAL plan for running, growing and managing their business that includes them having time for a life outside the office. Jamey Schrier reveals this exact formula step-by-step, as well as the unusual story behind its discovery.

Had a 12% increase in patients over our previous record for our all time high patients visits in July, while I took an extra 8 days off in July!!! I am up to 30 free days this year so far.

Becky P.

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  • The exact formula and script that I used and teach my private coaching clients to commit to heart to create referrals on demand (pg. 27)
  • The active appreciation technique that will make your employees love you forever and do more for YOU than they ever have before for any other employer and that creates clients for life (pg. 37)
  • The sneaky delegation exercise that will not only buy back time but shift delegation into high gear EVEN if you don’t have an employee! (pg. 65)

Jamey, we hit 100 patient visits this week! That is 81% better than last year!


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A Must-Have

By Steven W. Thompson on October 10, 2016

This is a fantastic “Bible” for the private practice owner. All of the chapters provide concrete actionable tasks that any owner can use to change their practice. Nowhere in any bookstore is there a book of this kind. It is a must-have.


loads of amazing immediately implementable things that will change the course of …

By Amazon Customer on September 2, 2016

Simple to read, loads of amazing immediately implementable things that will change the course of your business and your life. Jamey explains HOW he changed the course of his life and business taking definitive easy to understand steps, and he gives it all to you here……Best PT business related book I have ever read and started applying things from it immediately the next morning. Cannot recommend a better book for a PT / PT owner or ANY type of business owner for that matter……Thanks Jamey for putting it all out there for the world to see…..Well DONE!!!!


Think Like an Entrepreneur Not a Professional Employee

By Ron Nakamoto on August 31, 2016

Although Dr. Jamey Schrier is a physical therapist and this book is addressed primarily to healthcare professionals, his book is really about how to think like an entrepreneur. Thus, for any professional who’s spent years in classrooms getting “educated” and trained to become an expert, and who then discovers that being an employee sucks, this book will help you think about the business of being an independent professional. In other words, this book is about the things they DON’T teach in school that only later do you find out that you absolutely must learn and know in order to survive on your own. Dr. Schrier’s been there; he’s made the mistakes and shares his hard-won wisdom freely.